AutoConfig Release

Assuming the project is hosted on GitHub with the "origin" remote set to

$ git remote -vv
origin (fetch)
origin (push)

And the following file structure:

├── file1.txt
└── file2.txt

You may create and tag a release without a config file in the following way:

$ release --auto-config \
  --project-name=app \
  --project-version=1.0.0 \
  --signing-enabled \
  --signing-armored \
  --file=file1.txt \

[INFO]  JReleaser 1.12.0
[INFO]  Auto configure is ON
[INFO]    - basedir set to /Home/duke/app
[INFO]    - app
[INFO]    - project.version: 1.0.0
[INFO]    - signing.enabled: true
[INFO]    - signing.armored: true
[INFO]    - file: file1.txt
[INFO]    - file: file2.txt
[INFO]  git-root-search set to false
[INFO]  Loading properties from /Home/duke/.jreleaser/
[INFO]  Validating configuration
[INFO]  Strict mode set to false
[INFO]  Project version set to 1.0.0
[INFO]  Release is not snapshot
[INFO]  Timestamp is 2021-04-12T23:28:34.022+02:00
[INFO]  HEAD is at 0357971
[INFO]  Platform is osx-x86_64
[INFO]  dryrun set to false
[INFO]  Generating changelog: out/jreleaser/release/
[INFO]  Calculating checksums
[INFO]    [checksum] file1.txt
[INFO]    [checksum] file2.txt
[INFO]  Cataloging artifacts
[INFO]    [sbom] Cataloging is not enabled. Skipping
[INFO]  Signing files
[INFO]    [sign] file1.txt
[INFO]    [sign] file2.txt
[INFO]    [sign] out/jreleaser/checksums/checksums.txt
[INFO]  Deploying Maven artifacts
[INFO]    [maven] Deploying is not enabled. Skipping
[INFO]  Uploading distributions and files
[INFO]    [upload] Uploading is not enabled. Skipping
[INFO]  Releasing to
[INFO]   - uploading file1.txt
[INFO]   - uploading file2.txt
[INFO]   - uploading checksums.txt
[INFO]   - uploading file1.txt.asc
[INFO]   - uploading file2.txt.asc
[INFO]   - uploading checksums.txt.asc
[INFO]  JReleaser succeeded after 1.929s
[INFO]  Writing output properties to out/jreleaser/

The following environment variables must be provided:





If the signing flags are omitted then only the following environment variable must be provided:


Find more information about the options available for this type of releases here.