You can setup your own Buildkite agents.

If you’re already building with either Maven or Gradle then you might use the JReleaser Maven Plugin or the JReleaser Gradle Plugin instead.

For Linux and MacOS agents:

  - label: Build
    command: mvn verify

  - label: Release
    command: |
      # Get the jreleaser downloader
      curl -sL >
      # Download JReleaser with version = <version>
      # Change <version> to a tagged JReleaser release
      # or leave it out to pull `latest`.
      java <version>
      # Let's check we've got the right version
      java -jar jreleaser-cli.jar --version
      # Execute a JReleaser command such as 'full-release'
      java -jar jreleaser-cli.jar full-release
You may use latest to pull the latest stable release or early-access to pull the latest snapshot.
The agent must have Java 11 or greater configured otherwise the download will fail. You may setup Java using Sdkman or Jabba.
You must use Pipeline Secrets to hide all environment variables that provide private/sensitive information.