Java Binary

Distributions of this type conform to the following file structure:

├── bin
│   ├── app
│   └── app.bat
└── lib
    └── app-1.0.0.jar


  • the bin folder contains executable launcher scripts.

  • the lib folder contains all required JARs.

Java binary distributions require a suitable Java runtime to be installed on the consumer side; they are usually packaged as Zip or Tar files. The archive must contain a root entry, typically following the name of the archive, thus if the archive is named the root entry should be app-1.2.3.

Creating a Distribution

We recommend using the following plugins to create suitable Java binary distributions:

  • application plugin: generates distribution files that follow the expected structure. Also, packages the distribution as a Zip or Tar.

Alternatively, you may also configure a Java Archive assembler to create an archive.