Do you or your company use JReleaser? You can help keep the project snappy and feature rich by sponsoring the project and its maintainers.

GitHub Sponsors

GitHub Sponsors is a great way to contribute directly to the main maintainer, aalmiray.

This money usually goes to buying chocolate, better hardware, and, hopefully, one day, paying the bills.

You can sponsor and see who’s sponsoring Andres here.


Patreon is another way to contribute directly to the main maintainer, aalmiray.

Andres works and maintains a series of Open Source projects besides JReleaser. Money raised in this way will help him get better tools to continue his work.

You can become Andres' patron here.


OpenCollective is a great way to send some money towards the JReleaser organization.

Funds will be used to buy/renew domains, keep servers up, print stickers and send swag among other things.


Tidelift makes open source software work better—for everyone.

You can subscribe to Tidelift and register for support on the org.jreleaser:jreleaser package.

Sponsored Features

If you or your company require a feature and would like to pay for the work feel free to reach out to Andres on Twitter (@aalmiray), GitHub (aalmiray).

Thank you for your support!