Command Line

Once JReleaser is installed you may initialize its config file by invoking the following command:

$ jreleaser init --format yml
[INFO]  Writing file /Home/duke/app/jreleaser.yml
[INFO]  JReleaser initialized at /Home/duke/app
JReleaser supports the following formats: yml, toml, json.

This generates a jreleaser.yml file with the following configuration

  name: app
  version: 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
  description: Awesome App
  longDescription: Awesome App
    - Duke
  license: Apache-2
    groupId: com.acme
    version: 8
  inceptionYear: 2021

    owner: duke

      - path: path/to/{{distributionName}}-{{projectVersion}}.zip

Edit the file to suite your needs. You may use the Archive assembler to create a binary distribution, or use any other means at your disposal to create such a file. Once you have edited the file you may verify its configuration by invoking

$ jreleaser config

At any time you may invoke any of the other commands, but when it’s time to make a release you have to invoke

$ jreleaser full-release
[INFO]  JReleaser 1.14.0-SNAPSHOT
[INFO]  Configuring with jreleaser.yml
[INFO]    - basedir set to /Home/duke/app
[INFO]  Reading configuration
[INFO]  git-root-search set to false
[INFO]  Loading properties from /Home/duke/.jreleaser/
[INFO]  Validating configuration
[INFO]  Strict mode set to false
[INFO]  Project version set to 1.0.0
[INFO]  Release is not snapshot
[INFO]  Timestamp is 2021-03-28T12:25:16.219+02:00
[INFO]  HEAD is at c3e39f1
[INFO]  Platform is osx-x86_64
[INFO]  dryrun set to false
[INFO]  Generating changelog: out/jreleaser/release/
[INFO]  Calculating checksums
[INFO]    [checksum] target/distributions/app/
[INFO]  Cataloging artifacts
[INFO]    [sbom] Cataloging is not enabled. Skipping
[INFO]  Signing files
[INFO]    [sign] Signing is not enabled. Skipping
[INFO]  Deploying Maven artifacts
[INFO]    [maven] Deploying is not enabled. Skipping
[INFO]  Uploading distributions and files
[INFO]    [upload] Uploading is not enabled. Skipping
[INFO]  Releasing to
[INFO]   - Uploading
[INFO]   - Uploading checksums.txt
[INFO]  Preparing distributions
[INFO]    - Preparing app distribution
[INFO]  Packaging distributions
[INFO]    - Packaging app distribution
[INFO]  Publishing distributions
[INFO]    - Publishing app distribution
[INFO]  Announcing release
[INFO]    [announce] Announcing is not enabled. Skipping
[INFO]  Writing output properties to out/jreleaser/
[INFO]  JReleaser succeeded after 0.894s

This command performs the following actions:

  • checksums all artifacts.

  • signs all files (if signing is enabled).

  • creates a release at the chosen Git repository.

  • prepares, packages, and uploads configured packagers (brew, jbang, etc).

  • announces the release (if configured).

JReleaser generates 2 files after most commands are run. These are and trace.log. The first contains a set of calculated values such as the project version, tag, timestamp, and more. The second contains the full execution log plus any stacktraces in case of errors. You’ll find these files inside out/jreleaser.

Next Steps