Distributions of this type provide a platform specific native binary, as a consequence you must specify a platform value for each one of their artifacts.

Distributions of this type conform to the following file structure:

└── bin
    └── executable

Creating a Distribution

You can use any tool/language at your disposal to create a distribution of this type as long as the file structure is followed and the final artifact packaged as a Zip or Tar file. The archive must contain a root entry, typically following the name of the archive, thus if the archive is named the root entry should be app-1.2.3.

Alternatively, you may also configure a Archive assembler to create an archive.

Universal Binaries

Binary distributions are expected to deliver platform specific binaries thus every artifact must have a value set for their respective platform property. However, it’s possible to skip validating this setting by defining an extra property named universal, like it’s shown in the following snippet:

    type: BINARY
      - path: target/distributions/{{distributionName}}/{{distributionName}}-{{projectVersion}}.zip
            universal: true