The quick and effortless way to release your project!


Calculate checksums for all input files.

PGP Signatures

Sign all input files with PGP.

Release to git

Tag and release to popular git services such as GitHub, GitLab, and Gitea.

Multiple Packaging Options

Create package descriptors for Homebrew, Snapcraft, JBang, and more.

Publish Packages

Publish packages to their respective destinations and stores.

Make it official!

Announce the release to the four winds via Twitter, Sdkman, Zulip, and other services.

Build it your way

Whether you prefer CLI, Maven, Gradle, or Ant, JReleaser has you covered.


Quick configuration.

Configure the essentials and let JReleaser do the heavy lifting. Convention over configuration is a thing!

YAML is not your preferred format? We've got other formats like TOML, JSON, a Maven DSL, and a Gradle DSL.

JReleaser configuration file in YAML format

Publish and announce a release.

Publishing a release is as simple as executing a single command using the jreleaser CLI.

We also offer Maven and Gradle plugins, Ant tasks, JBang integration, and a Docker image to boot!

JReleaser execution log

A release announce via Twitter

Create releases without hassle

Releases are automatically tagged. A changelog is generated with all commits since the last tag. All artifacts are uploaded.

Release page created by JReleaser

Maximize distribution and reach.

JReleaser can package your application to be distributed with popular software packagers such as Homebrew, Scoop, Chocolatey, Snapcraft, and others.

Homebrew formula repository